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Share your stories of overcoming struggles and hardships and finding your version of glory, and you are automatically entered to win our financial scholarship! Read stories by other fellow athletes. Inspire others. Rock your Goals and Glory merch with pride! 

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Share stories of your special athletes. Help them raise money for their future. Share the lessons you learned from your players. Enable them to be recognized for their story, improve their writing by working on their story, and continue your positive impact on scholar athletes. Rock your Goals and Glory merch! 



The world is in a time where we need to unite and help one another. We certainly need to help our less fortunate brothers and sisters. Sports, and particularly successful athletes, are utilizing their platform more than ever before to positively impact society. Any donation truly helps our cause and goes directly to our mission and deserving athletes.

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For larger donations we offer sponsorship packages that enable our partners to have their logo included in both our newsletter and website. It would also be included in any materials we distribute at events and anything done by Goals and Glory that we can thank our donors.