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About Us




The mission of Goals and Glory is to help deserving young athletes who have suffered trauma achieve their goals and find their glory, including by awarding them grants. For our purposes, trauma means physical and emotional trauma, including trauma from racial and gender-based injustice. 



 Our vision is a combination of programs that, through sport and education, can stimulate collaboration among young athletes, build their confidence, increase their ability to meet their needs and enrich their lives, and improve their communities. 

Defining Trauma


Trauma is a field really coming in to light right now. We are learning the ways it affects all people, not just soldiers, or tragedy survivors, but everyday people and definitely athletes. We want to defeat the stigmas related to peoples suffering, and inspire them to find solutions.

Financial Scholarships


We believe that offering funding toward athletes who have suffered setbacks can help even the playing field in their goals to find glory. The scholarships are meant to be used toward school, athletics, treatment and recovery, coaching classes, or anything to better themselves and their communities. 

Goals and Glory Swag


Goals and Glory merchandise is given to our donors, our contributors, our partners, and many others involved in helping our mission. Check out our merch and get involved!

Athletic Training


 We offer soccer - and hockey - specific training, as well as agility and speed training for all athletes! This can be done in groups or individual, and again, proceeds directly go to funding our scholarships. We have pushed high level athletes to their potential for over 10 years, in several states and regions. Training is currently available in Ann Arbor, MI, with pop-up events planned in other locations.